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 Registered chinchilla breeder in Sweden, located in FINLAND.

SE*Nordic Chinchilla is member of CAS,

Chinchilla Association Sweden.

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2.3.2018 New chinchilla association in Sweden: CAS,

SE*Nordic Chinchilla is registered chinchilla breeder in

Chinchilla Association Sweden!

New babies born:

15.2.2017 White Violet sc Angora boy and

his brother White Violet sc rpac


22.10.2016 White Violet male rpac baby, sold

New babies born 5.8.2016!

 Flandria´s Impreza gave birth to 4 wonderful babies and because she is first time mom, 4 babies were too many for her to feed, so I had to help her feed the little ones. Unfortunately one standard vc sc rpac baby did not make it but the other three Sapphire vc rpac babies are growing well now! One male and two females! One male and one female are going to be for sale!

21.9.2015 We have new arrival to our herd:

Flandria´s Impreza, she is a RPA-carrier African Violet, sapphire carrier female from Belgium

2.8.2015 New baby RPA-carriers:

 African Violet female, S*Nordic Barona

White Mosaic vc male, S*Nordic Daytona


24.6.2015 New baby is born:

RPA-carrier African Violet sapphire carrier female

S*Nordic Sweet Shelby


22.11.2014 We have been to Belgium after a wonderful little chinchilla, RPA Sapphire poss. violet carrier male. Mounchinchilla´s Van Dam! Thank you Danielle Cornet! This is the first Sapphire Royal Persian Angora in Finland. We are so happy!

18.10.2014 SCAF had chinchilla show in Skärkind, Norrköping. We got 1. price in Angora baby 82p./100p. and 1.price junior African Violet 82p./100p. We are very glad! :)

29.3.2014 Chinchilla show in Norrköping Sweden. We had a great day,  two winners in: Champion class and Gray females and two third places in: Angora and Junior Blue diamond. I recieved  also Årets Äldsjäl 2013-price! Thank you for voting me!

19.3.2014 Here is a link to article about us:

Tässä on linkki suomenkieliseen artikkeliin kasvatuksestamme:

27.10.2013 I have been accepted and registered chinchilla breeder in Sweden, therefor I have S* before my breeder name. 

8.7.2013 We are now in facebook, you are Welcome to like us at:

Welcome to our websites about Royal Persian Angora chinchillas and Royal Persian Angora carrier chinchillas. We are breeding Royal Persian Angoras and also carriers. Colors will be mainly:  Violets, Blue Diamond, Standard and Whites, also other colors can occur.

We intend to breed healthy quality goodlooking chinchillas and we will take advice from a very experienced breeders in Norway, Sweden and Austria. We have participated in several chinchilla shows in Sweden and most prized of our chinchillas is an African Violet  Royal Persian Angora female.

Our journey started with Angoras 2010 when we started to take contakt to an Austrian chinchilla breeder. She had started to breed Angoras 2007 and normal chinchillas she had bred allready for 21 years back. Our first Angora chinchilla however came to us in august 2010 from Norway! It was Tellus chinchilla breeder Rebecka Wolden who sold our first Angora to us ! It was a standard female Royal Persian Angora, Tellus Soa! We were very happy to purchase her! What a beauty!!

Our next Angora and angora carriers we purchased in october 2010 from Vienna Chinchillas, Austria. Me and my husband took a flight to Austria, Vienna. The next day evening landed Finlands and Scandinavias first African violet male Royal Persian Angora! We also had two females and one male RPA-carrier with us. Now we had five Angoras/ Angora carriers to start our own breedinglines. The male was even first African violet Royal Persian Angora ever sold to a customer in the world! We were very lucky!

At 2011 there were born first Royal Persian Angora African Violet female ever in Scandinavia! She is our own bred "crown jewel" named Trésor.


Royal Persian Angora chinchillas

The Royal Persian Angora is perhaps the most exciting mutation to be made available to chinchilla breeders!  Along with their 6-8cm long (or even longer) silky fur, the Royal Persian Angoras also tend to have pleasing pretty heads. Royal Persian Angoras are not that large mutation. Earliest estimates about Royal Persian Angoras is appearing somewhere in the early 1960´s, at a ranch in FT. Worth, Texas.

The modern Royal Persian Angora mutation appears to be a recessive gene, just like violet and sapphire, but the long hair mutation tend to behave like an accumulative recessive. Most RPA-carriers look normal, but a few carriers have slightly longer, plushier hair than non- carriers, they are called quasi. In the homozygous form, the fur is truly Angora type, long and silky.

The breeders of the Royal Persian Angoras are working to produce more Angora color mutations, as well as even longer haired Angoras and encrease their size.

First Royal Persian Angora in Finland 2010,Tellus Soa 

From Norway


First African violet Royal Persian Angora in Finland 2010, Amarok-by time



First African violet Royal Persian Angora born in Scandinavia. Our own bred female: Trésor